CPR, Football Fish, Lost Boys and Bendy Booms

6th – 16th September 2006, Total log 850 miles



Departing Santander we continued west along the north coast of Spain, our next port of call Gijon. A busy and vibrant city Gijon offered the Coileys some body surfing, good food, and the chance to head in land and spend a day walking in the Picos de Europa. It was in the port on an adjacent pontoon that a resuscitation effort was made on an unfortunate man who was injured in a diving accident, despite the paramedics best efforts we’re not sure that the outcome was good.


By the 10th September we covered a further 70 miles to Ribedeo and anchored for the night, it was 20 years ago that Grum sailed to Ribedeo with Skip Jack and Paul Adams across the Biscay from France. During this passage George spotted ‘football fish’ jumping (Sun fish).

Further west we anchored in a beautiful sheltered bay, Ria del Barquero, made more interesting by a multitude of swimming crabs ( not sure of the collective term for many crabs…….a congregation of crabs maybe). Anyway, the boys were keen to get out in the dingy and go crab catching. All was well, with a crab count of some 150, when the engine stopped working and the mile plus distance between dingy and Double Waters looked a long row! Worried Bridget and Grum were monitoring the situation from afar and after some anxious time we headed over to tow the lost boys back to safety. Lessons learnt!


After enjoying hot weather for over a week, the wind and waves increased and our progress was halted for a couple of days as we sheltered in a small harbour, Puerto de Camino. Our decision to wait was borne out when a Danish yacht arrived seeking shelter having set out across the Biscay from La Coruna the day before and encountered 10meter waves and 40knot winds. The conditions led to a violent gybe resulting in the boom bending double around the shrouds. Not good. We gave them tea, offered a listening ear, and lent them a pilot book to help them limp east along the coast towards Santander.


We arrived in La Coruna, pretty much in the NW corner of Spain on September 16th, and had the excitement of a pod of dolphins swimming with us as we approached. Whilst here we have a few boat jobs to do, including fitting our HF radio which will expand our communication options. The weather looks unsettled but we hope to head south again soon.