Things which are making our blood boil!



Probably best if I tell you about all of these as Grum may go into too much detail and use all of Georges web space! – ( as those of you who have done Grums engine tour will second!)

Generator – fixed, not fixed, fixed, not fixed, fixed, not fixed, fixed……. Working at the moment, fuel pump I believe!

Dinghy – outboards Pah. But we’re getting better at rowing! But dinghy oars Pah! Broken! We have been known to put a boy with fins overboard to give us a tow! Unless we can find someone with a bigger engine and a tow rope!

Shower – put a foot through the plug hole – at least it saves on

Water- never quite enough on board

Fridge – was smelly for quite a long time and doesn’t keep those beers quite cold enough!

Toilet – does need fixing periodically – thanks for the rubber gloves John



Black and White doesn’t really give the full effect of the man hours involved –(but George spent a whole day just polishing the stainless steel on a classic boat so hey ho)


Much has given us no stress – just routine maintenance –

Standing Rigging- as strong as you like

Running Rigging- certainly looking used and needing occasional tlc but no more than that.

Sails- occasional small repairs – but that just makes you feel salty!

Hull – weed and barnacles – we consider it a sport– free diving times are increasing!

Engine- like a beast (on fire)

Fans- thank you George

Anchoring- Jacks the ‘mon’

Jedman!- routine maintenance involves liberal doses of fried chicken and Harry Potter via mp3!


Add to it all the sun sea and sailing and sightseeing those blood boiling things just fade away! We won’t be back too soon!