Diary and Log  Preparations  Safety at Sea                  Crossing the Atlantic



Text Box: So, why cross the Atlantic?
Jed– So we can get to the Caribbean and do surfing.
Jack- Just so I can brag to my mates back at school.... 
George– The experience, the fishing, the great times that will be had by all, oh and we can say ’I’ve crossed the Atlantic in a sailing boat’. 
Mum- To be with my family.
Dad– Unique experiences and the most amazing achievement.
One Luxury you couldn't do without?
Jed- The thought of going surfing in the Caribbean.
Jack- The Sea-It just makes the crossing possible!
George- Music
Mum- Cd's and Stereo
Dad- My Boys and Bridget!
What would be the first thing you do on dry land the other side ?
Jed-Go surfing.
Jack- Have a shower.
George– Um, do some sort of dance I suppose...
Mum– Have a shower.
Dad– Eat a coconut.
What will you miss most on the trip?
Jed– Surfing (detecting a trend here…)
Jack- Thimbles, Penguins and Lengths of Rope. Hmm...
George– Being able to move without holding on to something. And fresh food.
Mum– Sleep.
Dad– The smell of freshly cut grass.