Scuba diving

As Tobago has loads of coral reefs we thought it would be a good idea to do a scuba diving course, we had to do loads of revision and read a fat study book. First we did 2 swimming pool dives where we got all our equipment ready and went under water for the first time it was amazing, and very satisfying how the bubbles woosh past your mask, in the swimming pool we did lots of activates like buddy breathing, equalizing your ears, clearing your mask etc. Then we did 4 open water dives and saw loads of fish, puff fish, turtles, a 2m sting ray and loads of others. Before we did our last dive we did the final test, these are the results- Manta Dive Center, Revising.

George got 100/100

Mum got 98/100

I got 96/100

Dad got 94/100

Jack got 92/100


After we were Qualified we did a drift dive where we went along with the current, on this dive we went 15m/40ft and George had to have a bigger tank because he used loads more air than us! Hopefully we will do some other dives in other Caribbean islands.

By Jed