Double Waters across the Atlantic

4th to 25th December

 Our Neighbours

Sitting here in Tobago with New Year 2007 fast approaching and with warm Caribbean sun mixed with warm Reggae music streaming through the cabin window, it’s easy to forget how exhausted we were just a few days ago. It was a long, long way across the pond, but we made it, and there is a huge sense of achievement. Many other yachts cross trans-Atlantic every year, and most cross successfully, however we were part of a radio net and listened as 2 yachts were abandoned mid Atlantic due to irreparable steering problems!  We had our moments of fear, and times when we reflected, thinking, ‘what the devil are we doing out here’, and ‘who’s ridiculous idea was this anyway’.


The Facts


Las Palmas, Gran Canaria, Spain to Scarborough, Tobago.

21 days at sea

2920 miles logged (we’ll call it 3000!)

One gale force 8 (but it did last 36 hours)

8 big fish plus all the ones that got away

Daily radio ‘net’ with several other yachts crossing at the same time.

Fresh baked bread and George’s famous sponge cake to keep us sustained.

21 days of ENE or E winds, usually between 15 – 20 knots, 2 days of 10 knot winds, no calms, 2 days of 35 – 40 knot winds.


Arrived Christmas day to a festive Tobago.  Some difficulties navigating through marks which should have been there and then anchored in the port. Customs and immigration (how many stowaways do we have on board?) then back to open boat made Christmas presents of amazing ingenuity and only occasional lameness! Of particular note –Jacks little room, Jeds wire boat and Georges flying fish. We’re still trying to complete Grums giant Christmas crossword!

Christmas dinner of Dorado caught a couple of days ago and frozen just in case George didn’t catch us a tuna!  Grum falling  asleep and eventually being sent to bed whilst the rest of us played a Christmas game.

Since then lots of loud reggae, lots of sleep, lots of markets, lots of fresh food, lots of beach, lots of tobagan taxi rides – everyone is a cab driver –you just hitch a ride for 5 tobagan dollars per person - 50p!

Tomorrow moving the boat to the end of the island to anchor off a beach and heading to Sunday School for a new year party of steel drums!