P.L.C and Jeds Birthday





Hauling DWWe came back from Caracas in a taxi (after a long trip back from peru) and the lugged our luggage along the pontoon to Double Waters!!! Lots of up packing and sorting over the next few days. Big super market shop and jobs waking the boat up. Generator not starting (dad not happy) outboard not working as well (Christmas has come early) on the bright side wakeboarding with bill. Lots of swimming in the pool to cool off.

 Hauling out the boat, all went smooth; the bottom was not to bad (considering she had been in black water for 3 months) painted the hull RED!!! (with a blue stripe at the top) Very hot out of the water (mums 110 volt fan keeping us alive)

I (me, myself, yo, Jed) went on a trip with lots of other kids to a alien museum there were lots of weird metalWakeboarding Beast things, and then we went to the biggest tree house in the world (it was a big apartment block on stilts).

My birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 11 11 11 11 11 11           

I got up and opened lots of presents and cards then Me, Dad, George,  Jack and some friends went swimming and played rugby in the pool, we had lunch in the restaurant, pizzas!!! And tortillas for dinner (yum yum) watched star wars and then went to bed.

 At last we left PLC and went of to Tortuga