'Los Testigos' 

-The Witnesses


The Saints?  The Witnesses?  Before we know it we’ll have a judge, jury & defendant to boot and then what do you know, we’ve got ourselves a full court case!


 Coconuts...almost  Double Waters

Los Testigos – a tiny group of 6 islands situated 80nm roughly to the SW of Grenada.  The largest of the islands (Testigo Grande) is only 2 ˝ miles long and 1 mile wide, although most of the population lives on the second largest –Isla Iguana.  We arrived in Testigos from the north and anchored for an hour in the bay of Isla Iguana to check in and to sort out the boat. Later that evening we motored across the channel between the islands to anchor behind the reef on Testigo Grande.  On the other side of the island were a huge set of sand dunes and a perfect white beach. We spent hours on the beach making marble runs and investigating the hundreds of leatherback turtle tracks.  Also on the beach were loads of suspiciously animal shaped dead tree trunks and bushes.

Just a cool picture!  Beautiful Beach  Great Sandunes

One night we all went ashore to the beach to see if we could spot any turtles landing on the beach- but the moon was bright so none came.  Turtle Watching

We were only permitted to stay in Los Testigos for three night so we made full use of our time there.  On the second day we went for a walk up the 810ft mountain – not the funnest walk ever – too many bloomin’ cacti. But the view from the top was incredible,  you could look down at the other islands just sitting in a perfect blue sea. Later we had a chat in stilted Spanish with the local fishermen and ate some arrapas and fish with them – we later reciprocated with some rum and banana cake! 

Bit of surf

For our last day we moved to the NW end of the island to a small bay where we collected coconuts for breakfast and searched for the legendary crystals that were supposedly scattered along a rocky platform- we didn’t find a thing…..