Hiding from hurricanes, putting Double Waters to bed and

 New Watersports.


Following on from the 3 weeks out around the Venezuelan islands and driven by fast diminishing food supplies and very little water we rejoined civilisation in Puerto la Cruz…….a bustling coastal town and one favoured by many cruising yachts as a safe haven during hurricane season. But wow!....it is hot and humid, we went to town to buy an extra large fan.

 Taking Sails Off

We were fortunate enough to arrange the sublet of a berth in Bahia Redonda marina and found some old friends and some new amongst the other yachts in the vicinity. Jack and Jed spent hours with their Swedish friends swimming in the pool and playing games, and we all enjoyed a couple of BBQ evenings with music and song. George and Jack were industrious and had some paid work cleaning rigging.


A highlight for the lads was having a chance to wakeboard and water-ski with Bill from S/Y Orion.  Bill is a great instructor and after only a couple of sessions all 4 lads (yes, even Grum with a dodgy back) were up and skimming. An early call from Bill became routine for the second week, a short trip along the coast, and great excitement as each in turn had their tow!


and he's up


Putting Double Waters ‘’to bed’’ for 3 months entailed working through a long list of checks and general housekeeping (too tedious to write out here). We decided to remove all the sails and anything removable from the deck. Although Venezuela has never recorded a hurricane, some strong winds still

happen, and when it rains it really rains, so best to make DW completely safe.


grum Grum, George, Jack and JedGeorge, Jack and Jed with Bill