San Blas for Christmas





Jed and Emil, from Liv-1We had a great sail along to the islands from Cartegena with brilliant wind, leaving late one night, sailing the next day and then having to put our brakes on to slow us down enough for a morning approach to the islands!

Headed between the reefs to the Coco Banderos islands and dropped our anchor alongside our Swedish friends from Liv 1. A snooze, a snorkel then a sun downer! Life really is pretty perfect sometimes!

Decided this first landfall really was just right for Christmas so the younger people, Jack, Jed, Fillipa and Emil headed to the three islands to decide which would be the perfect island for Christmas day!

Mince pies and carol singing on board Double Waters with Liv 1 and Anita and Dick from S/V  Kind of Blue (who the boys were later to transit the Panama Canal with)

Swedish meatballs with the Livs, good conversation and songs.

Christmas day of croissants followed by beach volley ball, body boarding, champagne and Christmas cake with the Liv 1 trevs . ThenChristmas Cake and Champagne on a sanblas island back to a Jed special of roast vacuum packed beef! Last year, we had spent the Atlantic making Christmas presents for each other – the lamest gift was to be ridiculed for the whole of the next year –  Grums Christmas crossword This year we hoped for more effort!!!!……… OK the hall of lame was again Gruuuuuuuums Christmaaaaaaaaaas crossssssssswoooooooord!!!!! The hall of fame however was well represented with Georges sailing yacht to Jack, Jacks fortune telling it to the lot of us, Jeds copper figures to mum, Mums Mexican train dominos to all, and grums double water t- shirts,-- ok still a little lame! ( remind me to tell you about the fender socks! Wish we had a photo – the boys really do hate to disappoint me!!!!)

Sailed the perfect San Blas islands for the next week and Double Waters in the San Blasheaded back to our Christmas island for new year with the Livs plus friends. Then it was good bye till Colon as we stayed in the islands and they had to make a bit more haste.

Snorkelled,  chatted to the local Kuna Indians, brought fish and molas, became involved in Kuna celebrations, travelled up jungle rivers and generally had a great holiday period – and thought a lot of you at home, unable to call as for the first time (nearly) NO MOBILE NETWORK! ( Or rather the wrong frequency for me!)

Then it was time to again head west with a longer than expected stay in Portobello – Drakes burial place –to explore rivers and do re-enactments of the British attacking the Spanish.One of the Banderas

*The pictures shown here have been kindly given to us from friends as we somehow managed to lose all of our San Blas Photos*