Blues in Turks and Caicos

The TCI First Lady, aground!







Fuel tank repairsOur week stay in the British dependency of Turks and Caicos was at anchor in the pretty Sapodilla Bay with golden sandy beaches and the vibrant blue colours of the extensive shallow water around the islands. So bright are the blues that the reflection gives the clouds a blue/green hue; spectacular.

George, Jack and Jed tackled school work; we made a few small repairs, and refuelled. But overall there wasn’t so much to do or see in the TCI, we found the islands dry and dusty, the atmosphere brash, and prices high with predominantly US products.

One little oasis that we discovered was a restaurant overlooking the milky blue waters of Chalk Sound. It was here whilst enjoying our leaving lunch that a lady approached our table.

“Hello, I hope you are enjoying your time in the Turks and Caicos, I’m the first lady of the TCIs”.

And addressed to George who is tucking into a monster pizza:

“How is your pizza? I’ve been searching the islands for 6 years looking for a pizza as good as an American one”.

Slurp, swallow. An example of the blueness

“Very good, thank you” George replies.

“Thanks. Bye, Bye”

And she disappeared. 

Double Waters ‘took the ground’ whilst anchored along the coast collecting water. Its’ a shallow place all along the coasts, thankfully sand, so our touching the bottom was just a gentle jolting. However we were soon on the move to deeper water. And a day later setting sail the 750 miles to Bermuda.