Blue and Turquoise and Blue and Turquoise, and more Blue, with a bit more Turquoise..



This is the colour of the sea in the stunning Tobago Cays, a gathering of small islands surrounded by coral reefs in the Grenadines, just North of Union Island. We anchored Double Waters here for a few days and spent the days exploring some of the islands and snorkelling on the reefs.


Some of the best, most spectacular wildlife sights were just metres from us, as we swam close to turtles feeding on the seabed weed, and watched the eerie shadows of large rays gracefully gliding beneath us. Wonderful. George, Jack and Jed finally found their genuine deserted islands and went exploring coming back with reports of large iguanas, red-footed tortoises, and ‘’can we climb that palm tree for coconuts!’’


The views from the islands were the epitome of a Tropical paradise with crystal clear waters of glorious blues, palm fringed white sand beaches, and foaming breakers outside the coral reefs. Not surprising then that this is a popular cruising area for yachts, both long term cruisers and those on short term charters. We heard that on occasions there might be up to 100 boats anchored in the area, this would be packed! During our time there we found that the 20-25 boats were well spread out and things didn’t feel too packed, and many of the charter and trip boats came speeding in, stayed a few hours and then disappeared, leaving peace and quiet as the sun set.


We also had the excitement of watching the eclipse of the moon, under cloudless skies, and the full moon looked rosy red at the point of full eclipse. Following our days in Tobago Cays we headed further north and stopped for a quick snoop on the exclusive island of Mustique.