No, its not Pirates of the Caribbean…

July 07


Sixty miles to the Southwest of La Blanquilla is a smallish island called Tortuga, some 50 miles from the Venezuelan mainland. We anchored in a ¾-circle bay on the Northeast of the island with white sand surrounding our boat. Stunning beach and blue water!

 Perfect Beach  Dolphins on the way to Tortuga

There were several other boats in the bay with us (mostly French). On our first morning anchored in Tortuga we were hit by one fatty of a storm, 45 kts of wind from the West that whipped the water in to sheets of foam and sand-blasted our boat! But of course, (sods law) there wasn’t a drop of rain for us to catch, and our tanks were almost empty! As the wind lasted a few hours, several boats dragged their anchors and either had frantic efforts getting secured, or disappeared out to sea……


We spent a few days here….how could we not take advantage of that beautiful beach to run and walk along? So, each morning, early, we had a family run and then refreshing swim.

The bonus here was that the boys found a surf spot, so the boards were out, and some cool rides were made.

 Fishing boat at sundown  A very impressive front

Water and food was getting in short supply aboard Double Waters as we had been out around the islands for almost 3 weeks. We managed to negotiate 40 litres of water-maker water from the tiny restaurant ashore, and so could stay a few more days. However, when the flour, butter, oil, and biscuits ran out it had to be time to head back to civilisation! So, up anchor, and off to Puerto La Cruz.


Jack + Dad