World cup cricket

 (Grum says its called the cricket world cup but insists thats only a minor detail)



Mentioning the cricket to a few friends their advice was “take a good book Bridge”! non plussed the cricket had to be done , being here at the right time for the world cup.  So, anchoring in Bequia we took an early ferry across to St Vincent to watch the warm up game between England and Australia.

The ground reached and seats found, luckily in the shade, we settled down to watch.  I have to admit that even though we lost (the score eludes me at present) and even though we were there for eight hours, and even though the seats were hard, and even though food and drink were in short supply, I left the game saying “I could do that again, can we get tickets to a real world cup game!”

The priority after arriving in St Lucia was to check out the when where and how of the England Canada match, which  in due course we headed off to with some Norwegian friends ( being the experts we now had to explain the rules) . We won, (even without Freddy- why weren’t we invited on his pedalo?)  I left this game saying “two games is probably enough” but who knows…………..